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Can you name these terms, all starting with 'p', from various sports*?

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A blow delivered by a boxer
Basketball: Position associated with ball handling and passing (two words)
Soccer: Only the goalkeeper is permitted to defend one of these (two words)
Football: A throw of the ball, forward or laterally
Ice hockey: An advantage situation, where an opponent is serving a penalty (two words)
One does not 'throw' the shot; instead, the throw is called a _________
A horse's location relative to other horses at the start of a race (two words)
Golf: The shot used on the green
Fencing: A defensive action intended to deflect an attack
A scoring unit common to many sports, but not baseball
Postseason competition to determine the participants in the championship game (football, etc.)
Where water polo is played (not Poland; we mean the actual playing area)
Leather-covered gymnastics apparatus used by both sexes (two words)
Baseball: The player who throws the ball toward the strike zone
In cycling, the main group of riders
Football: A common fourth-down play that hopefully improves field position
Baseball: Rare occurrence where all 27 batters are retired without anyone reaching base (two words)
Type of figure skating where male and female teammates perform together
Ice hockey doesn't use a ball, but rather a ________
Word used to describe the supposed equality of NFL teams
___________League: Top soccer league in England
Basketball play where the player setting the screen then moves in attempt to receive a pass (three words)
Baseball term for someone who hits a lot of home runs (two words)
Auto racing: Term for leaving the track for fuel, tires, etc. (two words)
NFL: A group of additional players (currently 10), beyond the 53-man roster (two words)

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