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Can you name these terms, all starting with 'm', from various sports*?

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Title given head coach in soccer and baseball
Fighting style that incorporates several disciplines (3 initials or words)
Re-do of a poor golf shot, illegal under the Rules but common in friendly games
Northwest England city with two top Premier League teams
Basketball, etc.: Defense where defender is responsible for an opponent, not an area (3 words, hyphenated)
Last name of father and two sons, all NFL quarterbacks
Footrace that's 26 miles, 385 yards in length
Baseball: Elevated area from which the pitcher throws
Soccer player positioned between the defenders and the forwards
Golf format won by low total score rather than hole-by-hole (two words)
Floor covering for wrestling or gymnastics
Tennis: Last set, server leads 5-3 in games and 40-15. It's (two words)
Boxing: Weight class above 154 pounds (70 kg.) and up to 160 pounds (73 kg.)
Baseball: Examples include the International League and the Gulf Coast League (two words)
In polo, the implement used to hit the ball
Unit of distance in which Olympic events, such as swimming, are expressed
Basketball: Earvin Johnson's nickname
Football: Position played by Jack Lambert and Ray Lewis (two words)
Name given to a horse that has not yet won a race
Award given to the year's top player in many leagues (three initials)

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