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Can you name these terms, all starting with 'd', from various sports*?

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An Olympic throwing event, along with shot put, javelin, and hammer
Baseball: Action where two teammates are put out in one continuous action (two words)
Kentucky's most famous horse race
Ultra-short basketball shot performed with shooter's hand(s) above the rim
Football: Term that refers to both a cornerback and a safety (two words)
Annual process, in numerous sports, by which amateurs join the pro ranks
Another name for a tie as the result of a game
Football: One play, in the sense that ten yards must be gained in four of them to retain the ball
In tennis and other sports, a format that allows two teammates to play together
Golf: The first shot on a given hole
Soccer: Derisive term for falling to the ground and feigning injury
Olympics: Competition in 10 track-and-field events
Alpine skiing: The competition where the participants achieve the fastest speeds
Golf: A chunk of sod dislodged by a shot
MLB: Batting-related rule long practiced by the AL but not the NL (two words)
Basketball, etc.: Situation necessitated by teams still being tied after an extra period has been played (two words)
Tennis term for a game that's currently tied
Football: Penalty indicated by referee's arms folded across chest (3 words)
A pub sport where a very drunk participant might be dangerous to other patrons
Process of moving with the ball; term is used in both soccer and basketball

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