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Can you name these terms, all starting with 'c', from various sports*?

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Football: The fastest DB is usually one of these
Soccer: You don't want a yellow one, and really don't want a red one
The Tour de France celebrates this sport
In baseball, the player stationed directly behind home plate
A relatively short golf shot, often with lots of backspin
A division (7.5 minutes) of a polo game
Basketball: Usually the tallest player on the court is one of these
Baseball: Name given to a batter who performs best in important situations (2 words)
Billiards: The instrument that strikes the white ball
Name given to an inartistic entry into the pool, with a huge splash
In sports gambling, the verb meaning to win despite the spread
Old football penalty, akin the the more modern 'illegal block in the back'
Soccer: Term used to signify a player's appearance in a game at the international level
Baseball: A slower pitch made to look like a fastball, to throw off the batter's timing
Surface where basketball, tennis, etc. are played
A relatively placid Winter Olympics sport employing brooms
Basketball: Offensive foul, player with the ball running into stationary defender
Soccer: Awarded when defender last touches the ball before going over the end line (two words)
Baseball: The fourth batter in the lineup is called the ________hitter
The FIFA Confederation to which the US and Mexico belong (8 initials)

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