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Can you name these terms, all starting with 'b', from various sports*?

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Baseball: An intentionally weak hit, often intended to move up a baserunner
A boxer weighing 112 to 118 pounds (51 to 54 kg.)
Soccer: A spectacular kick performed in mid-air while doing a back flip (2 words)
A Winter Olympics sport with two or four teammates aboard
A basketball hybrid defense, with four players in a zone defense (3 words, often hyphenated)
Football: A pass rush by a linebacker or other non-defensive lineman
Swimming stroke with both arms moving symmetrically, and a dolphin kick
Racquet sport played with a shuttlecock
Golf: One stroke over par on a given hole
Baseball: A single hit softly over the heads of the infielders
The top professional soccer league in Germany
Marking that determines offside position in ice hockey (two words)
Tennis shot where a right-hander's right foot is closer to the net than the left
The fish caught in most freshwater fishing tournaments
Swimming stroke where torso doesn't rotate
Ice hockey: Use of shoulder, upper arm, elbow and hip to obstruct opponent (two words)
Baseball: The pitcher and catcher, collectively
Football: An offensive lineman's job
Basketball: Vertical surface behind the rim
Golf: One stroke under par on a given hole
Winter sport that combines cross-country skiing with rifle shooting
Baseball: Any of a group of deceptive, illegal moves by the pitcher
Tournament feature that allows some teams to progress to next round without competing
Soccer: Generic term for any of several defenders
Golf: Alternate term for a sand trap

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