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Forced Order
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Band of 'Tommy' and 'Won't Get Fooled Again'
U.S. agency that guards the President
Help group for problem drinkers
Most common algebra unknown
Famous 1882 short story with a feline in the title
Question song, hit for both the Everly Brothers and Linda Ronstadt
Law enforcement information source, abbreviated 'CI'
2016 film about African-American mathematicians
Ungrammatical book sub-genre in which the perpetrator is unknown
Brand name of denim trousers, now in decline (2 words)
Initial submission to a literary agent or publisher
Memorial to an unnamed military person
Canadian rock band, sang 'American Woman' and 'These Eyes'
Protein component of some institutional meals (slang term)
Holiday gift-giver in settings such as corporate or church
English translation of German word 'warum'
Computer game and TV show for teaching children geography
Batman character E. Nigma, played by Frank Gorshin and Jim Carrey
Bugs Bunny's catchphrase
Maybe an alien spaceship

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