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QUIZ: Can you pass this Social Studies test, from 1955?

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How many stars are on the US flag?
Bonn is the capital of what country?
How many female US Supreme Court justices have there been?
The big 'country' (actually a colony) that borders Northern Rhodesia is the _______ Congo.
According to the last census, what is the third-largest US city (by population)?
What is the largely-Buddhist island nation south of India?
Who is the current US President?
What is the capital of Brazil?
What is the currency of France?
What is the tallest mountain in the US (including its territories)?
What US federal holiday is celebrated on February 22?
Who is the monarch of the United Kingdom?
What city, along with Calcutta, is one of the two most populous in India?
Is capital punishment recognized under the laws of every US state?
Belgrade is the capital of what country?
Which political party carried Alabama in the last presidential election?
What is the currency of Italy?
What is the second-largest US state, in area?
How many Roman Catholic US presidents have there been?
What is the second-largest city, by population, in the USSR?
What is the minimum voting age in Ohio?
Prague is the capital of what country?
What two-word phrase was added to the Pledge of Allegiance last year?
The last names shared by two US Presidents are Adams, Roosevelt, and __________.
According to the last US census, what state had the fewest people?

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