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Spanish king and financer of Columbus's voyages to the New WorldChapter 1
Spanish queen and financer of Columbus's voyages to the New WorldChapter 1
Spanish conquistador who conquered the AztecsChapter 1
Spanish conquistador who conquered the IncasChapter 1
Portuguese navigator who sailed around the southern most tip of AfricaChapter 1
Portuguese navigator who sailed around Africa to IndiaChapter 1
Italian-born navigator who sailed for Spain and thought he had arrived off the coast of Asia rather than on unknown continentsChapter 1
Female Indian slave who served as interpreter for CortesChapter 1
Powerful Aztec monarch who fell to Spanish conquerorsChapter 1
Legendary founder of the powerful Iroquois ConfederacyChapter 1
Italian-born navigator sent by English to explore North American coast in 1498Chapter 1
Franciscan missionary who settled CaliforniaChapter 1
Indian leader who ruled tribes in the James River area of VirginiaChapter 2
Englishman who failed in an attempt to establish a colony on NewfoundlandChapter 2
Englishman who failed in an attempt to establish a colony in North Carolina called Roanoke IslandChapter 2
Englishman who took charge of Jamestown and was saved by PocahantasChapter 2
Husband of Pocahantas who perfected methods of growing tobaccoChapter 2
Harsh military leader of Virginia who employed harsh military tactics against the IndiansChapter 2
Catholic aristocrat who sought to build a sanctuary for his fllow believers (Maryland) Chapter 2
Philathropic soldier-statesman who founded the Georgia colonyChapter 2
The unmarried ruler who established English Protestantism and fought the Catholic SpanishChapter 2
German monk who began Protestant ReformationChapter 3
French reformerwhose religious ideas inspired English Puritans, Scotch Presbyterians, French Huguenots, and Dutch ReformedChapter 3
Wampanoag chieftain who befriended English colonistsChapter 3
Promoter of Massachusetts as a holy 'city upon a hill'Chapter 3
Religious dissenter convicted of the heresy of antinomianismChapter 3
Radical founder of the most tolerant New England colony (Rhode Island)Chapter 3
Indian leader who waged an unsuccessful war against New England's white colonistsChapter 3
Conquerer of New Sweden who later lost New Netherland to the EnglishChapter 3
Founder of the most tolerant and democratic of the middle colonists (Pennsylvania)Chapter 3
Virginia agitator who led poor former indentured servants and frontiersmen on a rampage against Indians and colonial governmentChapter 4
Colonial Virginia official who crushed rebels and wreaked cruel revengeChapter 4
Massachusetts author of a novel about the early New England practice of requiring adulterers to wear the letter 'A' (The Scarlet Letter)Chapter 4
Eloquent lawyer-orator who argued in defense of colonial rightsChapter 5
Brilliant New England theologian who instigated the Great AwakeningChapter 5
Itinerant British evangelist who spread the Great Awakening throughout the coloniesChapter 5
Former slave who became a poet at an early ageChapter 5
Author, scientist, printer; 'the first civilized American'; from PhiladelphiaChapter 5
Colonial painter who studied and worked in BritainChapter 5
The Father of New France, who established a crucial alliance with the Huron IndiansChapter 6
French empire builder who explored the Mississippi Basin and named it after his monarchChapter 6
Militia commander whose frontier skirmish in Pennsylvania touched off a world warChapter 6
Advocate of colonial unity at a 1754 meeting in upstate New YorkChapter 6
Blundering British officer whose defeat gave the advantage to the French and Indians in the early stages of the warChapter 6
Splendid orator and organizer of the winning strategy against the French in North AmericaChapter 6
British officer whose ear was chopped of by a Spanish revenue officer which started a warChapter 6
English officer at the battle of QuebecChapter 6
French officer at the battle of QuebecChapter 6
Wealthy president of the Continental Congress and 'King of the Smugglers'Chapter 7
British minister who raised a storm of protest by passing the Stamp ActChapter 7
'Champagne Charley'; Minister whose clever attempt to impose import taxes nearly succeeded, but eventually brewed trouble for BritainChapter 7
Alleged leader of radical protesters killed in Boston MassacreChapter 7
Stubborn ruler,lustful for power, who promoted harsh ministers like Lord NorthChapter 7
Zealous defender of the common people's rights and organizer of underground propaganda committeesChapter 7
British governor of Massachusetts whose stubborn policies helped provoke the Boston Tea PartyChapter 7
Nineteen-year-old major general in the Revolutionary armyChapter 7
Organizational genius who turned raw recruits into tough professional soldiersChapter 7
A wealthy Virginian of great character and leadership abilities who served his country without payChapter 8
Briliant American general who invaded Canada, foiled Burgoyne's invasion, and then betrayed his country in 1780Chapter 8
A radical British immigrant who put an end to American toasts to King GeorgeChapter 8
Fiery Virginian and author of the resolution of July 2, 1776, formally authorizing the colonies' independenceChapter 8
Author of an explanatory indictment (Declaration of Independence), signed on July 4, 1776, that accused George III of establishing a military dictatorshipChapter 8
Blundering British general whose slow progress south from Canada ended in disaster at SaratogaChapter 8
British general who chose to enjoy himself in New York and Philadelphia rather than vigorously pursue the American enemyChapter 8
Shrewd and complicating 'homespun' American diplomat who forged the alliance with France and later secured a generous peace treatyChapter 8
Leader whose small force conquered key British forts in the WestChapter 8
American naval commander who successfully harassed British shippingChapter 8
Mohawk chief who led many Iroquois to fight with Britain against American revolutionariesChapter 8
Elder statesman who lent his prestige to the Constitutional Convention and promoted the 'Great Compromise'Chapter 9
Revolutionary War veteran who led poor farmer in a revolt that failed but had far-reaching consequencesChapter 9
Unanimously elected chairman of the secret convention of 'demi-gods'Chapter 9
Father of the Constitution and author of Federalist No. 10Chapter 9
Virginia antifederalist leader who thought the Constitution spelled the end of liberty and equalityChapter 9
Young New Yorker and former indentured servant who argued eloquently for the Constitution even though he favored an even stronger central governmentChapter 9
Frustrated foreign affairs secretary under the articles; one of three authors of The FederalistChapter 9
Brilliant administrator and financial wizard whose career was plagued by doubts about his character and belief in popular governmentChapter 10
Washington's secratary of state and the organizer of a political party opposed to Hamilton's policiesChapter 10
Skillful politician-scholar who drafted the Bill of Rights and moved it through the First CongressChapter 10
Strong believer in strict construction, weak government, and antimilitarism who was forced to modify some of his principles in officeChapter 11
Swiss-born treasury who disliked national debt but kept most Hamiltonian economic measures in effectChapter 11
Federalist Supreme Court justice whose brilliant legal efforts established the principle of judicial reviewChapter 11
Federalist Supreme Court justice impeached by the house in 1804 but acquitted by the SenateChapter 11
North African leader who fought an undeclared war with the United States from 1801 to 1805Chapter 11
French ruler who acquired Louisiana from Spain only to sell it to the United StatesChapter 11
American minister to Paris who joined James Monroe in making a magnificent real estate dealChapter 11
Gifted black revolutionary whose successful slave revolution indirectly led to Napoleon's sale of LouisianaChapter 11
Young army officer who joined Jefferson's personal secretary (Meriwether Lewis) in exploring the Louisiana Purchase and Oregon Country Chapter 11
Former vice-president, killer of Alexander Hamilton, and plotter of mysterious secessionist schemesChapter 11
Shawnee leader who organized a major Indian confederation against U.S. expansionChapter 11
Military leader who defeated Tecumseh's brother, 'The Prophet,' at the battle of TippecanoeChapter 11
American naval hero of the War of 1812 who said, '...our country, right or wrong!'Chapter 12
Eloquent Kentucky spokesman for the 'American System' and key architect of the Missouri Compromise in the U.S. SenateChapter 12
President whose personal popularity contributed to the the Era of Good FeelingsChapter 12
Aristocratic Federalist jurist whose rulings bolstered national power against the statesChapter 12
Nationalistic secretary of State who promoted American interests against Spain and BritainChapter 12
Military commander who exceeded his government's instructions during an invasion of Spanish territoryChapter 12
The leading voice promoting nationalism and greater federal power in the United States Senate during the 1820sChapter 12
Russian ruler whose mediation proposal led th negotiations ending the War of 1812Chapter 12

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