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What did it do?Act, case, treaty, agreement, etc.Year
Allowed a settler to own up to 160 acres of land by living on it for 5 years, improving it, and paying a nominal $30 fee1862
Dissolved tribes as legal entities, wiped out tribal ownership of land, and gave individual Indian family heads 160 free acres1887
Barred Chinese immigration to the US1882
Prohibited rebates and pools (hehe, no swimming) and required railroads to publish their rates openly. Forbade unfair discrimination against shippers and outlawed charging more for1887
Forbade combinations in restraint of trade, no differentiation between 'good' and 'bad' trusts1890
Rearmed the Sherman Anti-Trust Act adding the ban on price discrimination and interlocking directorates, exempted labor and agriculture from antitrust prosecution, and legalized st1914
In this case, Louis D. Brandeis convinced the Supreme Court to accept the Constitutionality of laws protecting women in the work place, providing evidence that they had weaker bodi1908
This case decreed that individual states had no power to regulate interstate commerce1886
Imposed heavy fines on railroads that gave rebates and on shippers who accepted them1903
Substantially reduced import fees1913
Made credit available to farmers at low interest rates1916
Granted assistance to federal civil-service employees if disabled1916
Granted territorial status to the Philippines and promised independence once a stable government could be established1916
Provided and 8-hour work day, with overtime pay for railroad workers1916
Required meat to be inspected at every point in its journey from the cow to the consumer1906
Cuba had to confer with the US before signing treaties and couldn't borrow without the US's consent1901
Said the US would liberate Cuba from Spain, then pull out and return control to the Cubans1898
What did it do?Act, case, treaty, agreement, etc.Year
Granted limited popular government to Puerto Rico1900
This case said that the Constitution does not necessarily extend to those outside the US, like the in the territories1901
Raised import rates to about 48.4%1893
Ended the Spanish American war1898
Gave the US permission from Britain to build and fortify the Panama Canal1901
Agreement between Japan and America agreeing to uphold the Open Door Policy in China and to respect each others' Pacific possessions1908
The direct election of senators1913
Ended World War I, placing heavy reparations on Germany and redrawing the map of Europe1919
Woman Suffrage1920
Severly restricted free passes given out by railroads and both expanded and extended the ICC1906
Affirmed the legality of the Espionage and Sedition Acts1919
Censored those who spoke out against the government1917 and 1918
Said 3% of people from one nationality living in the United States at the time of the 1910 census would be allowed to immigrate to the US1921
Quotas from the Act above were cut to 2% of the 1890 census1924
Ordered the prohibition of alcohol1919
Implemented the prohibition of alcohol1919

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