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What is itTermYear
Provided $4 billion for large scale public works projects like the Grand Coulee Dam
provided 9 million jobs and $11 billion for public works and improving infrastructure
provided temporary jobs under the FERA
Set the presidential inauguration date at January 20th1933
Ended Prohibition1933
Monitors the stock exchange to keep trade fair and legal
Created a welfare fund for the unemployed, a little bit taken out of the salaries of the working to be paid to the old1935
Paid farmers to stop farming and provided money for farmers to pay off mortgages
Controversial New Deal program that taught farmers how to farm well and provided power for millions, thereby competeing with private businesses1933
Provided jobs for 3 million young adults to work in national parks, provided money to send home to their families
Said individual industries would decide on codes of fair competition for themselves, though minimum wage and maximum hours were set nationally-the famous blue eagle
Refinanced home mortgates to prevent further foreclosures1933
Provided small loans for householders to stimulate house building
Insured individual deposits up to $5,000
Recognized labor unions
This supreme court case ruled that congress couldn't delegate legislative powers to the executive and ended the NRA1935
Called for Native American tribes to form their own governments1934
Insured banks to encourage people to re-invest
Provided immidiate relief like jobs and money
What is itTermYear
Shut down the banks so that they had to count their money and see if they had enough to reopen1933
Stalin, Churchill, and Truman met at this gathering to discuss post-war peace, and countering the effects of war1945
Stalin, Churchill, and FDR met at this gathering to discuss the reorganization of europe after the war and the punishment of the Nazis1945
Part of the Neutrality Act of 1939, this policyoid said that the European democracies may buy as mmcuh American war material as they wish, so long as they pay in cash, and pick it 1939
said that america would lend an unlimited amount to the allies provided that the war meterials be returned at the end of the war1940
FDR traded 50 old destroyers to Great Britain in return for 8 key naval bases throughtout the Americas for 99 years1940
A reconstruction plan for europe, provided $12.5 billion
Stated that the US will intervene and aid as much as possible to stop commie aggression (specifically Greece and Turkey)
These declared America's isolationist stance prior to the beginning of ww21935, 1936, 1937, 1939
provided money for returning veterans to go to college or to buy homes1944
the western bloc's alliance
the USSR's response to the above
basically a censorship board in the house of reps to silence the commies and anti-war protesters
FDR and Churchill met at this gathering to discuss the war strategy for Europe-it was decided that Italy would be invaded and unconditional surrender sought from the Axis powers1943
Meeting where the British and French abandoned the Czechs, trading them to the Germans for 'peace'-appeasement1938
This act provided for the monitoring (monitorization? haha) of labor unions1947
At this conference between the Big 3, strategy for ending the war was discussed, FDR promised a second front and some other stuff1943
The second world governing body established after ww2 with a security council and all that jazz

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