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HintAnswerSource; individuals and works associated
Where are you when we dance cheek to cheek?Astaire & Rogers
Since I say 'neether' and you say 'ny-ther', what should we do?Astaire & Rogers
A kiss is still a kiss...Humphrey Bogart
When are you 'the one'?Astaire & Rogers
Well, why shouldn't we do this?Ella Fitzgerald
What's easy?Billie Holiday
What do you do in my solitude?Billie Holiday
What is an object which has been landed upon but now lands upon others?Cole Porter
If neither champagne, cocaine, nor a plane excites me, what does?Cole Porter
Let's dance, because this might be ahead:Astaire & Rogers
What am I putting in my basket?Astaire & Rogers
I'm like an unwritten melody in the sense that I am also...Astaire & Rogers
This keeps me warmElla Ftizgerald & Louis Armstrong
HintAnswerSource; individuals and works associated
These things are smiling at meAl Jolson
You are deep inside of me, within my organs and besides many others, but more to the point, what are you under?Cole Porter
You're not actually the person I want to be with, but it's all right with me, because in any case, I would like to _ this personCole Porter
What appetizing young love. What are you doing with it?Cole Porter
While I gaze out my window I wonder:Cole Porter
What should a lady be?Gershwins
Gibraltar may tumble butBillie Holiday; Lady Sings the Blues (1972)
Please do this to me, you sweet irreplaceable you:Gerswhins
Can you ask for anything more when you've got it?Gene Kelly
Theres a pot of gold over here tooGay Culture
My Heart is sad and lonely: how could you turn this away?Coleman Hawkins
I fell in love with you, madly like a fool, for your kisses and tight hugging. I fell for you:Tom Hanks

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