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Police robots in Tron
Robots in the Matrix series
Robot from Alien
'Bite my shiny metal a$$'
Robot from Chrono Trigger
Robot celebrity in Futurama
Robot in Half life 2
A.I computer that rapes for immortality(WTF?!?!)
Robot in Flubber
Robot from The Mysterians
Evil, black megaman
Robot clone of Sonic
'Happy birthday Paulie'
British robot in Portal 2
Robots from the Metal gear series
Mechanical owl in Clash of the titans
Yellow robot from Sonic battle
Villain in Robots
Character in Robots
Blue bomber
Evil animatronic
Gynoid double in Star Trek (1979 movie)
Robot enemies of the daleks
Fighter from the Mortal kombat series
Robot in Star Fox 64
Robot in Get smart
Robot created by Dilbert
Robot in Return to Oz
Robot in the Megaman x series
Superboss in Final fantasy series
Robot from Mst3k
Ultimate E series robot
Maid from The Jetsons
Robot in Forbidden planet
Robot from Doctor Who
Paranoid android
Robot turtle
Bender look-a-like
Robot in Saturn 3
Robot from Mst3k
Robot in Sonic Adventure
Villain from a self titled 1995 movie
Character in Meet the Robinsons
Robot clone of Sonic
Self titled 1996 movie
Fighter from the Mortal kombat series
The Robot monster
Robot bounty hunter in The Empire strikes back
Robot in Santa Claus conquers the martians
Cyborg form of Godzilla's nemesis
Megamans dog
Robotniks robot army
Villain of Ratchet and Clank
Lost in space
Robot from the Halo series
Robot from The Day the Earth stood still
Member of robot mafia
Android in co-op mode of Portal 2
Main character in Robots
Cyborg in Ultraman story
Evil animatronic
Robot bounty hunter in The Empire strikes back
Robot double of Spongebob
Robot clone of Godzilla
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Robot in Robocop
Ultraman look alike
Ratchets sidekick
A for _________
The wrong trousers
Self titled 1957 movie
In charge of robot hell
Robot from South park
Robot enemy of Ultraseven
Robot in Voyage to the prehistoric planet
Android impersonating Alex Rogan
Robot invented by Professor Kettlewell
Big hero 6
Robot from the Spider Man comics
Robot from Mst3k
Customizable robots in LittleBigPlanet 2
Robot from Aliens
Robot from the Tekken series
Robot from the Borderlands series
Female robot from Metropolis
Robot accessory for the NES
Robot clone of Sonic
Robot from the Dragon ball series
Evil robots in the Megaman series
Robot from Brawl in the family
The ________ of New York (1958 movie)
Evil animatronic
Robot enemy of Ultraman ace
Statue robot in Jason and the Argonauts
Tea-pouring robot in The Phantom Menace
___ of destruction (1991 movie)
Robot in Alien resurrection
British, golden robot in Star Wars
Fortune telling robotic cat
Boss of robot mafia
Evil animatronic
Robot from Mst3k
Robot from the Mass effect series
Gynoid in The Twilight zone
'I'm dreaming of a RED Xmas...'
Hellboy II: The ______ ____
Fighter from the Mortal kombat series
Johnny Sokko and his ______ _____
Android ninjas from Robocop 3
Zims sidekick
Turns trash into cubes
Capsule monster used by Ultraseven
Member of the robot mafia
Robots in the Austin Powers series
Robot in Spaceballs
Tekken 4
Robot in Logan's run (Movie)
'You are about to become the past president of the being alive club'
Red Megaman
Female robot who befriends Wall E
Sentient probe in Star trek
Robot from Gears of war
Android in co-op mode of Portal 2
Robot from the Halo series
'I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't allow that'
1960s Japanese animated series
Animated giant
Total recall
Robot in Star Trek
Robot from SpaceCamp
Robot clone of King Kong
One of Robotniks minions
Robot clone of Gomora
Star Wars robot that speeks in bleeps and bloops

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