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Forced Order
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hint person/term
vote held to create new war situation
democratic in china
decided to divide vietnam at 17th parallel
philosophy where strong survive and weak die
russians blockaded germany so they airlifted supplies in
started NEP and signed brest litovs(russian)
gases used by usa in vietnam
usa plan to fix economy
when gas was used in war
when a country is protected but not part of a country
president who went to yalta
senator who tried possible communsits
germans could sink any ship
people had more kids which created a
communist in cambodia
russian dictator who installed missles in cuba and help south american countries
king of congo who massacared 1/2 of his population
seriban group to keep them independent
public owns everything
led the red shirts in italy
british leader who would never back down
theory that communism would spread through all of asia
generalwho was fired by turman for wanting to drop a thrid atomic bomb
day WWI started and day of ferdinands execution
french document that declares civil and natrual rights of a man
stalin eliminating all his enemies
italian ruler who gave mussolin his power
french leader who cam back from exile
place where us ship was sunk and president was given rights to call in any invasion without consent of congress
indians tried to get salt from the sea and were attacked by british
when a antion is over taken but has self rule
us plan to stop spread of communsim
leader of young italy unification
leader of the congress of viena who treid to change france bakc to the way it originally was
louis XVI wife who was beheaded by guillotine
protest wher 4 college students were killed by the us coast guard
group supposed to keep safety but kille instead
when a country is not involve on either side
hitlers book of plans he wrote
hitlers book he wrote while in prison
children hitler influenced to look up to him
led germanys 2nd reich and gave venetia to italy
treaty to end war
german air force
crop growing became more efficient during this time
term used to describe europe as about to burst
german dictator
mussolini tried to restore italy to this
south african jailed for years and later became president
wilsons plan for peace in europe
when peasants revolted against bread prices in france
named hitler chancellor of germany
huge palace where french kings/queens lived
stalins plan to restore russia
city where khmer rogue killed millions
extreme nationalism anti democratic
us president who replaced FDR and decided to drop the atomic bomb
germanys paln to prevent two front war
nazi germany under hitler was the 3rd
president who increased involvment in vietnam
hint person/term
when wars were fought in trenches
womens voting rights movement
hae of any person of Jewish race exercised by hitler
president during korean war
boers vs british for control of south africa
telegram captrued by british saying germany would help mexico regain land
mass murder of a society
group of 5 men who governed france
leader of khmer rogue
place where royal family was kept when they tried to escape
last russian czar
high school students left school to go to war in china
native australians
cuban leader
cost for war damages
german fighter pilot
steel to iron process
russian led red army in civil war axed to death
movement to reunite balkan nations
when people could choos what government they wanted
ship that was sunk by germans got usa in the war
british leader in africa
president who was in cuban missle crisis
communist in north vietnam who was murdered at beginning of war
lower house of german parliament
founded australia
where european countries decided who gets control of africa
france under german control
book by marx about ideals of socialism
camp that Jewish people were held and killed in by hitler
legal segregation in africa
us president during WWII
event that marked start of the holocaust
nightly raids on england by germany
founder of marxism
workers who formed together for better conditions
eli whitneys invention for cotton
company that took over india
territories lost by france in franco prussian war
invented first plane
working class with many struggles
take away a countries ability to attack with their military
government controlled farms
most powerful french leader worked with state in many wars
us army man who fought and signed the treay with japan
frecnch king during industrial revolution
everyone besides the axis powers in WWII
3rd estates oath to make a new constitution
countries in asia try to be like europe
democrtaic in south vietnam assassinated in 1963
political figure who warned france about economic trouble
leader of nazis
led italian unification
tradition where widow burns herself at husbands death
appointed official who controls a country
hilters policy to expand germany
place where big 3 met to discuss post war plans
czech leader
meeting of all 3 estates
hint person/term
german submarine used to sink ships
democratic in cambodia
communist russian dictator during WWII
country can provide for itself
radical during french revolution who led reign of terror
new name for russia
self proposed prophet who predicted royal families death 1 year after his
being kicked out of a country
french revolution lawyers
italian dictaor started fascism
giving in to keep peace
led passive reisistance in india
government controls everything
japanese dictator at Pearl Harbor
lightning war used in WWII
a person who leaves a country
lenins russian socialists
communist in china
members of this group tried to keep peace
german socialist party swastica was symbol
slaughter of millions of Jewish people by hitler
russina who caused great purge and used secret police
areas become more city focused
poor neighborhoods
when sepoys rebelled againts british in india and were jailed or killed
us protests againgst war
usa plan to help vietnam stand alone
too much money in economy
president who bagan to withdraw troops from vietnam and did secret bombings on cambodia
treaty that took russia out of WWI
led german unification
form of government had power to make or disapprove laws
3 man council formed by napolean
president who launched SDI and attempted to launch star wars
german desert fox who fought in africa
german word for empire
italian dictator was overthrown and executed
jefferson bought this land from france for 15 million
upper middle class in 3rd estate
great war general won many battles eventually became president
germany japan and italy were called the
invented light bulb
us policy that forced china to trade with it
militarized political movement
invented assembly line
group of people referred to by the pants they wear
place where french were defeated
government where people vote
political prison where khmer rogue questioned people
space between a set of trenches
war on western germany
perfect race as described by hitler
country is overtaken and has no self rule
peace agreement betwee russia and germany
sardinian king of italian unification
explorer of africa
time when robesipierre killed many with the guillotine
his execution started WWI

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