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Can you name the Breaking Bad Murders?

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Responsible Person(s)VictimCause
Walter WhiteInhalation of Poison Gas
Walter WhiteStrangled With Bike Lock
Tuco SalamancaBeaten to Death
Hank SchraderShot in the head
SpoogeShot in the chest
Spooge's girlfriendCrushed by ATM Machine
The CousinsBeheaded
Tomas CantilloShot twice
The CousinsUnspecified
The CousinsBeaten with Baseball Bat
Hank SchraderShot in the head
Mike EhrmantrautPoisoned
Mexican FederalesShot with Machine Guns
Rival DealersUnspecified
Jesse PinkmanShot in the head
Gus FringThroat cut with box cutter
Hector SalamancaShot in the head
Gus FringPoisoned
Mike EhrmantrautStrangled with chain
Jesse PinkmanShot multiple times
Responsible Person(s)VictimCause
Walter White/Hector SalamancaBlown up with bomb
Walter White/Hector SalamancaBlown up with bomb
Walter White/Hector SalamancaBlown up with bomb
Peter SchulerCommitted suicide with AED
Chris MaraShot in the dead
Mike EhrmantrautShot multiple times
Todd AlquistShot in the chest
Walter WhiteShot in the gut
Walter White/Prison InmatesStabbed, Strangled, Beaten, Burned to death
Walter White/Prison InmatesStabbed to death
Walter WhiteRun over by car and shot in the bead
White Supremacists Shot in the head
White SupremacistsShot multiple times
Jack WelkerShot in the head
Todd AlquistShot in the head
Walter WhiteShot multiple times
Jesse PinkmanNeck cracked
Walter WhiteShot in the head
Walter WhitePoisoned with ricin
Walter WhiteShot in the gut

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