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Can you name the Behavioral Disorders?

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Lou has to flip the light switch ten times before entering and leaving a room, he also has to have his pen on the left side of his desk and must always have his sleeves rolled up e
Roger is addicted to heroin. This is an example of a ...
One minute Carol is extremely sad and just wants to sit in her room and cry, the next she is extremely happy and wants to do spontaneous things such as taking road trips for no rea
Leah is always very sad, even in happy situations. She often has suicidal thoughts. Leah has...
Jade often hears voices that arent actually there calling her name over the loud speaker. She also hears voices telling her to do bad things. She also has some suicidal tendencies.
Mario often sees things that dont actually exist, he giggles for no reason at innapropriate times and often acts like a child. His speech is disorganized and makes little sense. Ma
George can function as though he is a normal person, but during random times he becomes inable to speak, move, or respond. George has...
Kelly is always on a natural high, but can be conceited and aggressive towards the people in her life. Kelly is having...
Raymond is extremely afraid of public places and being in front of any crowd. He refuses to even leave home. Raymond is...
Mary unconditionally exaggerates her responses to any startling experience, such as being scared. She also is excessively irritable and has sleeping difficulties. Mary has...
Matt constantly looks at himself in the mirror and never has a girlfriend, or boyfriend because he feels like nobody is good enough for him. Matt is ...
Cristo is always overexcited, has disorganized speech, and acts very childish. Cristo has...
In order to help him with his alcoholism Henry goes to alocoholics annonymous meetings. This is an example of what kind of therapy?
When Brian goes to therapy he just talks the whole time. He directs where the session goes and his therapist does not intergect. This is an example of what type of therapy?
John's therapist tries to turn things John is afraid of into things that will relax him. This is an example of what type of therapy?

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