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Not a quiz! Just put a 'y' to say yes to a question, and skip past other boxes. At the end, look at the stats to see where you stand!

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Have you....yes? (ignore for no)
Have you cheated on a Sporcle quiz?
Have you ever cheated to earn a badge?
Do you go through the badges to purposely achieve one?
Do you use the 'random quiz' button?
Are you a 2+ years sporcle user?
Do you often play religion quizzes?
Do you often play history quizzes?
Do you often play tv/movie quizzes?
Have you ever created a Sporcle quiz?
Have you ever played a survey before on Sporcle?
...do you think they're stupid?
...would you do another one?
Have you....yes? (ignore for no)
Do you play music while using sporcle?
...do you play movies/tv in the background while using sporcle?
Do you play sporcle outside of your home?
Did you pay to get the Sporcle app?
Are you a Sporcle curator?
...do you want to be a Sporcle curator?
Do you go on Sporcle at least once a month?
...once a week?
...nearly or every day?
Have you ever recommended your friends to use sporcle?
...would you?
Were you recommended Sporcle by a friend?
Do you have irl friends as friends on Sporcle?
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