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Scott's middle name
Kirstin's fiance
Scott and Mitch's cat (full name)
Kevin's girlfriend
Avi's solo project (EP title)
Scott's college a cappella group
Kirstin's dogs
Mitch's dad
Kevin's nickname
Avi's favorite animal
Avi's sister, former tour manager
Scott's tattoo behind his ear is a ___
Kirstin's middle name
Mitch's favorite clothing company
Kevin's cello's name
Avi's favorite food
The song Kevin was discovered by
# of tours they have been on
Name of documentary
Winner of season __ of The Sing Off
The trio's first song together
Kevin's hometown (____, KY)
Scott and Mitch's YouTube channel
Scott and Mitch's ship name
Avi's full name
City where Kirstin got engaged
2015 Grammy award winning arrangement
The trio's hometown
Avi's birthday (month, day)
Name of the first Christmas album
Color of their tour bus
Twitter handle (excluding @)
Toured with ___ in 2015
Opener for 2016 tour

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