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damage to one of the inferior laryngeal nerves causes what?
24. Identify
the lymph drainage of the infraglottic space occurs at which lymph nodes?
32. Identify
sneezing is caused by a reflex loop. The efferent loop of this reflex is ____ .
the voicebox
24. Innervation
23. Innervation
20. Identify
14. Identify
18. Identify
14. Innervation
true or false: the posterior cricoarytenoid is the only abductor of the vocal folds.
an operative opening into the larynx.
adam's apple is also known as the _____ ______.
the superior border of the thyroid cartilage lies at what vertebral layer?
34. Innervation
2. Identify.
12. Identify
13. Identify
10. Innervation
4. Identify.
31. Identify
19. Identify
3. Motor Innervation
space in between the false and true vocal cords
28. Identify
this nerve supplies all intrinsic muscles of the larynx except the cricothyroid
innervation of posterior cricoarytenoid
8. Motor Innervation
the cricoid cartilage is at which vertebral level?
17. Innervation
this syndrome occurs due to damage of the superior cervical ganglion. Presents with sinking of an eyeball, drooping of the eyelid on the same side, absence of sweating, and constri
a lesion to which nerve causes the inability to tense and stretch the vocal ligament
a lesion to which nerve causes loss of sensation above the vocal cord and loss of taste on the epiglottis
22. Identify
this muscle stretches and tenses the vocal liagment and is innervated by the external laryngeal nerve
23. Identify
13. Innervation
10. Identify
medical word for swallowing
opening between the vocal fold
37. Identify
sneezing is caused by a reflex loop. The afferent loop of this reflex is ____ .
26. Innervation
30. Sensory Innervation
6. Motor Innervation
8. Identify
7. Identify
33. Identify
6. Identify.
39. Motor Innervation
the laryngeal skeleton consists of ___ cartilages.
40. Identify
29. Identify space.
a surgical procedure to create an opening through the neck into the trachea (windpipe).
34. Identify
35. Innervation
30. Identify
15. Innervation
16. Identify
the removal of the larynx and separation of the airway from the mouth, nose and esophagus
38. Identify
9. Identify
17. Identify
2. Motor Innervation
5. Motor Innervation
11. Innervation
26. Identify
11. Identify
4. Motor Innervation
12. Innervation
15. Identify
3. Identify.
39. Identify
31. Motor Innervation
1. Motor Innervation?
7. Motor Innervation
5. Identify.
35. Identify
1. Identify.
21. Identify
36. Identify
27. Identify Opening?
the lymph drainage of the supraglottic space occurs at which lymph nodes?
this muscle abducts the vocal cords
38. Motor Innervation
25. Identify

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