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this molecule presents partially digested endocytosed foreign peptides to helper T-cells.
which cells express MHC II?
involved in the filtration of the blood
these lymphocytes differentiate in the thymus and they account for the majority of circulating lymphocytes
refers to the body's first encounter with an antigen
defenses that target a specific antigen or foreign agent
central artery is located in the middle of _____ pulp.
involved in the production and circulation of immunoglobulins
pre-existing defense such as skin and low pH of stomach, constitute which type of immunity?
corona contain primarily which lymphocyte?
injected antibodies are a form of what type of immunity?
definitive cell type of the lympahtic system
these serum proteins function to coat pathogens for phagocytosis and recruitment of phagocytic cells to the site of infection.
lymphocytes become immunocompetent in ____ lymphatic organs.
CD4 is an example of a ____ _____ _____.
Lymphocytes undergo antigen-dependent activation in ______ lymphatic organs
which T cells attack non-specific epitopes?
B cell progenitor undergoes maturation in
B cells must interact with what cell before becoming plasma cells?
immunity that does not depend on immune recognition by lymphocytes
outer portion of the lymph node
any substance that can generate an immune response
true or false: epithelioreticular cells are connected via desmosomes.
these cells create the elaborate meshwork within lymph nodules, lymph nodes, and the spleen
inner core of the lymph node
bone marrow, GALT, and thymus are identified as ____ lymphatic organs.
these cells are the basis for immune memory
These cells are CD4+.
lymphocytes conveyed in blood enter lymph nodes via _____ ______ _____.
these vessels convey lymph away from the lymph node and leave it at the hilum.
this molecule displays 'self' peptides on the surface of all endogenous cells.
these vessels convey lymph toward the lymph node and enter it at various points on the convex surface of the capsule.
germinal centers contain primarily which lymphocyte?
membrane bound forms of immunoglobulins on B cells that serve as antigen specific binding site
These T cells express neither CD4 or CD8 and function as the first line of defense against invading organisms.
dense connective tissue, which extend from the capsule to the substance of the node, forming a gross framework
these lymphocytes kill virus-infected and tumor cells
MALTs are found in the ____ ____ of ailmentary canal, respiratory tract, and GI tract.
these cells create the meshwork within the thymus
MALT stands for what?
true or false: epithelioreticular cells secrete reticular fibers.
prevents foreign antigens from reaching thymocytes
These T cells express CD8 and function to kill target cells.
this specific type of helper t-cells interact with CD8+ T cells, macrophages, and NK cells. They are also essential in controlling intracellular pathogens
this specific type of helper t-cells interact with B-cells and are essential in initiating antibody mediated immune responses
these cells rapidly secrete antibodies (immunoglobulins)
lymphocytes that are aggregated around the central artery are known as
internalize and degrade antigens and display antigen fragments at the cell surface
dense connective tissue that surrounds the lymph node

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