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T/F: short and medium FFA can be found in lymphatic circulation
mixed micelles are formed where?
hydrolyzes a sterol ester into a steroid and a free fatty acid
circulation of bile to GI tract then back to the liver is known as the _____ circulation
control valve for the release of bile into the duodenum
long chain FFA, MG, cholesterol, lysolecithin along with bile salts form ____.
how much bile is made daily (in mg)?
T/F: CCK can directly act on the gallbladder or it can stimulate gallbladder contraction through the activation of the vagus afferents in the intestinal wall.
hydrolyzes phospholipids by cleaving of 1 free fatty acid
during active digestion, bile primarily comes from where?
T/F: Lipases are released from the pancreas in inactive form.
Triglycerides, phospholipids, and steroid are packaged into ____ within the jejunal enterocytes.
At pH 7, lipase are positively or negatively charged?
pro-colipase is activated by which enzyme?
blind end lymphatic capillary in the central core of the intestinal villus
Chylomicrons are released from the basolateral membrane of enterocytes by what process?
chylomicrons are formed where?
chylomicrons are released into ____ circulation
Where is bile synthesized?
small and medium FFA are absorbed into the enterocytes and then absorbed into ____.
useful form of bile salts
how do the contents of the mixed micelle enter the enterocyte?
This allows fat droplets to be suspended in their aqueous environment
Where are the conjugated bile salts re-absorbed?
T/F: After entering the enterocyte, the long chain FFA are resynthesized into triglycerides.
This cell makes GLP-1 and GLP-2
during an interdigestive phase, bile primarily comes from what?
CCK stimulates a vago-vagal reflex that acts on the enteric nervous system, which causes the release of NO and VIP to relax what?
At pH 7, bile salts are positively or negatively charged?
L cells are activated by
very important for the transportation of chylomicrons out of enterocyte
hydrolyzes triglycerides into 2-monglyceride and a free fatty acid
T/F: Bile salts are absorbed into the jejunum
HDL and LDL enter the blood from the lymphatic system at which vessel?
most abundant lipid in the diet
Which structure contains apolipoproteins?
pathological condition where patient has a problem with transportation of chylomicrons out of the enterocyte
At pH 7, colipase are positively or negatively charged?

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