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True or False: The CN III, IV, VII, and IX are involved in parasympathetic stimulation.
All ANS preganglionic fibers use _____ as their neurotransmitter
Levels of the thoracolumnar division of the ANS
True or False: The sympathetic system is characterized by long pre-ganglionic fibers and short post-ganglionic fibers.
leaking of urine is known as what?
post ganglionic neurons of the ANS have what class of receptors for the binding of ACH?
controlled elinination of urine
division of the ANS that is anabolic and is coined with 'rest and digest'
True or False: The Autonomic Nervous system employs a 2 neuron system.
the spheno-palatine ganglion is associated with nerve fibers that terminate in the ______ gland
Preganglionic fibers enter the sympathetic chain from the ventral root via the ____ ____.
The cell bodies of preganglionic sympathetics can be at the _____ horn of the spinal cord at levels T1-L2.
Stretch receptors in the carotid sinus mediated the _____ reflex, which is carried via CN IX to the nucleus solitarius
What structure is the main coordinator of ANS reflexes?
pre-ganglionic parasympathetics synapse in the ____ ganglion before the parotid gland
Neuropepide Y is a modulatory NT used in what division of the ANS?
Post-ganglionic sympathetic fibers leave the sympathetic chain via the ____ ____.
consistency of the internal environment is known as _____
Fibers from what nucleus synapse in the ciliary ganglion?
upper motor neurons that inhibit the release of urine by the detrusor originate where?
a large, flaccid bladder that empties poorly is due to a ___ motor neuron lesion.
What percentage of peripheral nerves is sympathetic to skin and vessels?
True or False: pre ganglionic fibers headed to a prevertebral ganglion synapse in the sympathetic chain first.
True or False: The detrusor muscle that empties the bladder is under sympathetic control.
division of the ANS that is catabolic in nature and is often coined with fight or flight
All parasympathetic postganglionic fibers use _____ as their neurotransmitter
All sympathetic postganglionic fibers use _____ as their neurotransmitter
during the filling phase of the bladder the detrusor muscle is ______.
the pudendal nerve originates from what nucleus?
syndrome caused by compression of upper throracic sympathetic chain or post ganglionic sympathetics to the face... presents with ptosis, miosis, and anhydrosis on the ipsilateral p
At what levels can the sympathetic chain be found?
constriction of the pupil is known as what?

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