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Who was Aang's airbending mentor?
Who gave Zuko his scar?
What weapon did the Mechanist invent for the Fire Nation?
What was the name of Jet's group of rebels?
What was the name of the Panda Spirit?
What is the name of the game that is commonly played in the show?
Who reluctantly became Katara's waterbending teacher?
What item did Katara steal from the pirates?
What fruit does Katara hate?
Who was the first person to teach Aang firebending?
What was the name of the spirit that steals faces?
Who was the Avatar before Aang?
Who was the bounty hunter that had a shirshu
What was the name of Aang's friend from Omashu
What side is Zuko's scar on?
What was the name of the comet that the Fire Lord used to start the Hundred Year War?
What was the name of the monster on Kyoshi
What frozen animal does Aang tell Katara and Sokka to suck on?
What are the four elements?
What was the name of the princess that turned into the moon?
What is Katara's brother's name?
What item did Katara lose that belonged to her mother?
Who killed the moon spirit?

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