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Can you name the 2009 Celebrity Deaths?

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Date of Death/AgeCelebrityHint
Aug 11 Age 88Special Olympics Founder
Apr 9 Age 22MLB Pitcher
Jun 25 Age 62Charlie's Angels
Apr 12 Age 561970's Adult Film Star
Dec 17 Age 26NFL Wide Receiver
Jun 28 Age 50TV Pitchman
Jan 24 Age 66Women's Basketball Coach
Feb 28 Age 90Talk Radio Pioneer
Dec 20 Age 32Clueless
Jun 23 Age 86The Tonight Show
Aug 25 Age 77US Senator (MA)
Jan 27 Age 76Pulitzer-Wining Author
Aug 6 Age 59Brat Pack Director
Oct 14 Age 76Wrestling Personality
Jan 14 Age 88Fantasy Island
Date of Death/AgeCelebrityHint
May 4 Age 75Cannonball Run
Mar 18 Age 45'Maid in Manhattan' Star
Sep 14 Age 57Dirty Dancing
Jun 4 Age 72Kill Bill
Sep 16 Age 72Peter Paul & Mary
Apr 13 Age 54MLB Pitcher
Jul 1 Age 97A Streetcar Named Desire
May 9 Age 78NBA Coach
Aug 18 Age 78CNN Talk Show Host
Jul 4 Age 36NFL Quarterback
Jul 17 Age 92CBS Evening News
May 2 Age 73NFL Quarterback/Politician
Aug 13 Age 94Guitar Pioneer
Jun 25 Age 50Thriller
Apr 25 Age 86Golden Girls

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