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Forced Order
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If p, then q. p. q.Argument type
If p, the q. Not q. Not p.Argument type
2 Fundamental things in universeType of Dualism
1 Fundmental thing, but 2 propertiesType of Dualism
Form exists with actualityMatter and Form
Form exists with MatterMatter and Form
To know things by experienceHume
To know things through logical thinkHume
These states is intentionalPhysical or Mental
These states are not intentionalPhysical or Mental
The Pegasus argumentParadox
iff it is impossible for premises to be true but conclusion false.Definition
iff it is valid and its premises are trueDefinition
All concepts are derived from experienceEmpiricism
Everything we know is from experienceEmpiricism
If God exists, then there is no free action.Determinism
The Future will resemble the past.Laws and Principles
If all events are determined, there are no free actionsDeterminism Argument
There is free willDeterminism
Not all events are determinedDeterminism
No free will.Determinism
Problem for IndeterminismDeterminism
A free action is an event that is determined by another event: the agent's free choiceDeterminism
If S acts freely, then S could have done otherwiseDeterminism Argument
Agent is responsible for action only if agent could have done otherwiseDeterminism Argument

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