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Cousin of Samuel Adams, and a strong promoter of American Independence during the Meetings of the Second Continental Congress in 1776. He later went on to be America's First Vice P
He was one of the 'Sons of Liberty' and the first person to Sign The Declaration of Independence (and the largest).
Was the Brave Naval Officer in The American Revolution who in the heat of battle said 'I have only just begun to fight.'
One of the 'Sons of Liberty' and the 'Father of The American Revolution.' He lead The Boston Tea Party and was part of the First Continental Congress.
His famous speech before Congress ended with his Famous Quote: 'I do not know what course other men will take; but as for me, 'Give me liberty, or give me death!'
Patriot who at the time of his execution uttered the famous quote: 'I regret, but that I only have one life to give for my Country.'
Was the Commander and Chief of the American Army during the American Revolution, the First U.S. President, and 'The Father of Our Country.'
He was known as 'The Swamp Fox.' He and His Army took on the Redcoats and Tories by using the 'Element of Surprise' and hiding out in the Swamps in the Southern Colonies.
One of the Sons of Liberty who was famous for his 'Midnight Ride' on the eve of the beginning of The Revolutionary War.
The phrase 'Taxation without Representation is Tyranny' is usually attributed to him. Died by being struck with lightning.
Was a Major General of the Patriot Army during the American Revolution. Next to George Washington, he was the highest ranking officer of The Continental Army.
Her sewing skills produced 'Old Glory' for the very first time.
An American Patriot who wrote Common Sense which inspired The American Revolution. The money he made with his writings he gave to The American Revolution Cause.
Was a Famous Patriot, Inventor, Scientist, Statesman, Journalist, and a Signer of The Declaration of Independence.
Writer of the Declaration of Independence, and 3rd President of The United States of America.

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