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Can you name the states home to the people/places in LOST?

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Forced Order
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Sawyer told Jessica he was going to a city here to close a deal
Henry Gale's home state
The home state of Kate
Home to many Losties, where 815 was headed
Faraday was in this state when he found out about 815
Libby broke her leg skiing in this state
Jack was shown footage of the Red Sox winning the World Series in this state
Ben called Anthony Cooper a man from a city in this state
The home state of Michael and Walt
The home state of Sawyer
As a kid, Hurley wanted to visit a famous place here with his dad
Anthony Cooper conned Sawyer's parents here
Where Ben was born
Kate robs a bank in this state
Where most of LOST was filmed
The state where Dharma was founded
Kate was sent to this state after she was arrested

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