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Can you name the LOST characters based on the following roast?

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You're old, you're creepy, and you're going to die - No, you can't do it
You love your mom, your mom hates you, and you're a criminal, doesn't your life suck
Protector of the island, until you ate all the food on it, in 3 days, fatty
All the girl fans love you, until you meet a cliff, OWNED
You're a bitch, plain and simple, and you're skinnier than Hurley's leg
You're considered special by the Others... special needs
You're gay, fat, ugly, and get shot, go grow a real beard.
Want something to fix? Learn how to shave, besides, everyone knows Sawyer's better
Your son hates you, your wife hates you, fans of the show hate you, have fun whispering
Your baby's ugly, annoying, and probably smells, you're the worst mother alive
You steal babies.. because obviously no one would want to make one with you looking at that Yoda face
The song sucks man, it's going nowhere, try selling copiers
You survive a plane crash, cancer, flaming arrows, yet kick people out of your house, good luck with that dentist
You're Middle Eas... nevermind, don't want to get tortured
You actually die because of time traveling, boo hoo, most pathetic death ever
You act like a bad ass for 2000 years, then get killed by a woman, who's the tough guy now?
You finally see your wife again.. only to be drowned the next day, once again, OWNED
You didn't get buried alive by accident, they damn well knew what they were doing, Razzle Dazzle bitch!
You just barge onto the island like you own the place, you think you know Jacob, nobody likes you, and then literally.... BOOM! ROASTED!
You were about to go on a date with a 400lb man, trust me, Michael did you a favor

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