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1. Oceanic Flight 815 departed from which city?
2. What is the name of the group that performed scientific experiments on the Island?
3. This ship crashed on the island in the mid 1800's
4. This man was paralyzed for 4 years before his arrival on the island
5. Mr. Eko is originally from which country?
6. This character wasn't in the manifest, he wasn't on the plane.
7. The name of the station that contained a ping pong table, an exercise bike, and a computer.
8. This man won the lottery before his arrival on the island
9. Who was considered the protector of the island before his death?
10. What is the name of the first episode of LOST?
11. What is the name of the dog seen on the Island?
12. Which character was a certified life guard?
13. This character was a professor at Oxford.
14. The name of Charlie's band.
15. This man witnessed the death of his parents at an early age, and searched his whole life to find the man responsible.
16. This man fought in the Gulf War.
17. How many years had the French transmission been playing?
18. What is the name of Claire's baby?
19. What is the name Charlie called Claire's baby?
20. The two characters than can communicate with the dead.
21. Who was the criminal on the plane?
22. This character used to wear a fake beard.
23. This man was a surgeon off the island and is considered the leader of the survivors.
24. This survivor was in the same mental institute as Hurley
25. The book that Desmond wanted to read before he died.
26. FINISH THE QUOTE! 'Don't tell me... (4)
27. 'If we can't live together, then we're gonna....(2)
28. 'So I took the gun, thought it might come in handy, guess what?....(5)
29. 'My name is Sayid Jarrah, and I....(3)
30. 'It only ends once. Anything that happens before that...(3)
31. 'Make your own kind of music...(5)
32. To Ben, Michael - 'Who are you people?', Ben- ....(5)
33. 'We have to go back Kate.... (5)
34. On phone - 'I love you Penny,.....(4)
35. 'That's why the Red Sox will never win...(3)
36. Which kind of food did Frank Duckett sell?
37. Whose father died in an accident with Jack's wife?
38. What were dice originally made of in ancient Mesopotamia?
39. What was the name of the woman who killed herself jumping off a boat wearing chains?
40. The year Jack, Sayid, Kate, and Hurley time travled to when they came back to the Island?
41. The Smoke Monster is probably considered the most dangerous aspect of the island, but who was the only main character it killed?
42. This Korean couple had marital issues but regained their love for each other on the Island
43. What type of treat did Sawyer finally get in the bear cage?
44. How old was Walt when he arrived on the Island?
45. What is the name of the candy bar seen in many episodes?
46. SAWYER NICKNAMES! - Jumbotron
47. Mr. Miyagi
48. Yoda
49. Shaft
50. Baby Huey
51. Mr. Clean
52. Chucky
53. Mamacita
54. Al Jazeera
55. Twitchy
56. What month and year did Danielle leave her transmission?
57. Which state was Ben born in?
58. Which character proclaimed he was the last living member of the Dharma Initiative?
59. What is Nikki's catchphrase on Expose?
60. Which of the following characters has NOT played a teacher on LOST? Locke, Ben, Shannon, Libby
61. Whose raft message did Sawyer read aloud?
62. Which team did the Red Sox beat in the World Series in Ben's video?
63. Name the two famous Americans Ben mentioned before showing Jack the Red Sox video.
64. What is the name of the Oasis song Charlie sang on the streets to make money?
65. Who is the only known gay person that was on the island?
66. After whose funeral did Jack get in a fight with Locke?
67. Which country was Nathan from?
68. Name the 3 characters on the island Sawyer knowingly had sex with( 'and' not needed).
69. In order, name the character who was born, the character who died, and the character saved from suicide all at the exact same time.
70. Bonus - Name the Yankees player who hit a game winning home run to send the Yankees to the World Series over the Red Sox in 2003? (Hint-use above answer for help)
71. Which 'disease' did Sawyer have on the island?
72. Who was the first to find the food storage room in the Hatch?
73. Which country are you sent to if you turn the frozen wheel?
74. Which country did Sayid murder a man on a golf course?
75. Who is the only character to commit suicide in the Hatch?
76. Which song is the code for the Looking Glass station?
77. Enter_ _
78. What city in Alabama did Anthony Cooper con Sawyer's parents?
79. What was the name of Drive Shaft's 2nd album?
80. Name the person who connects Claire with Mr. Eko?
81. Which station is Dr. Chang making an orientation video for during the season 5 premiere?
82. What is the name of Jack's sideways son?
83. Whose other sideways son plays piano like Jack's son?
84. What is Penny's phone number?
86. On television - Jin to...
87. Alley mugging - Charlie to...
88. Cassidy - Sawyer to...
89. Randy Nations - Hurley to...
90. Australian police station - Sawyer to...
91. Can anybody tell me the only piece of land south of the Island?
92. Which college does Alex want to get into?
93. Which movie did Hurley want to write before it came out?
94. In which year range did Keamy work in the Marine Corps?
95. What is the name of Jacob's mother?
96. What is the name of the person who was sucked into the engine during the Pilot?
97. This three word phrase is heard first on almost all episodes.
98. Which auction number was Widmore when he purchased the Black Rock journal?
99. Which island chain is Richard originally from?
100. Which character was originally supposed to die in the Pilot episode?
101. BONUS- Based on question number, which group of people are hidden in this quiz?
102. Time is running out, quickly, type the password!
103. Ahhh, hurry up!
104. 4 more!
105. Keep going!
106. Almost there!
107. Just one more!
108. Ok now type 'execute'!

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