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HintDenominationFamous Adherents
Reformed denomination that founded Princeton UniversityC.I. Schofield, Billy Sunday
Small Anabaptist denomination that famously rejects most modern technologyN/A
Pentecostal movement created in the 1980's with the goal to fuse evangelical theology and charismatic practicesJohn Wimber
Separated from the church in Rome during the Great Schism in 1054 ADCyril Lucaris
Group famous for its migration to New England; the movement later dissolved in the 1800'sJonathan Edwards, Oliver Cromwell
Name is derived from Jesus's hometownJames Dobson
Pacifist Anabaptist group who are often confused with the AmishMenno Simons
Protestant denomination predating the ReformationJan Huss
Controversial denomination which created Brigham Young UniversityJoseph Smith,Brigham Young
Not originally intended to be a denomination, it has a large focus on mission workA.B. Simpson, Ravi Zacharias
Founded in California in the 1960's; major force in the Jesus MovementChuck Smith, Jeremy Camp
An American relative to AnglicanismGeorge Washington, Theodore Roosevelt, Samuel Seabury
Pacifist denomination; many were early British settlers in PennsylvaniaWilliam Penn
HintDenominationFamous Adherents
One of the largest Pentecostal denominations; originally formed to promote unity among charismaticsCarl Lentz, Tommy Barnett
Led by the popePope Francis, Mother Teresa
Known for worship on the SaturdayEllen White, Ben Carson
Controversial denomination which is known for door to door evangelism and the New World Translation of the BibleCharles Taze Russell
Started by John and Charles Wesley; one of the most influential denominations of the First Great AwakeningJohn Wesley, Charles Wesley, George Whitefield
Named after two brothers who were influential Reformed leaders during the First Great AwakeningJohn Maxwell, George Beverly Shea
Largest Protestant church in AmericaBilly Graham, David Platt, Ted Cruz
Jewish ChristiansSir William Herschel, Josh Groban
Known for their charitible stores and red kettlesWilliam Booth
Name comes from the denomination it seperated from, as well as its abolitionist stanceB.T. Roberts
Founded when a king desired to divorce his wife, but the pope forbade itHenry VIII, C.S. Lewis
Named after the man who nailed the 95 ThesesImmanuel Kant

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