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Can you name the 150 Largest World Cities (2016)?

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Japan37.8 Million
Indonesia20.5 Million
India25.0 Million
Philippines24.1 Million
South Korea23.5 Million
China23.4 Million
Pakistan22.1 Million
China21.0 Million
USA20.6 Million
China20.6 Million
Brazil20.3 Million
Mexico20.1 Million
India17.7 Million
Japan17.4 Million
Russia16.2 Million
Bangladesh15.7 Million
Egypt15.6 Million
USA15.1 Million
Thailand15.0 Million
India14.7 Million
Argentina14.1 Million
Iran13.5 Million
Turkey13.3 Million
Nigeria13.1 Million
China12.1 Million
Brazil11.7 Million
DR Congo11.6 Million
China10.9 Million
France10.8 Million
Peru10.7 Million
China10.4 Million
United Kingdom10.2 Million
Japan10.2 Million
Pakistan10.0 Million
India9.71 Million
USA 9.15 Million
Colombia8.99 Million
Vietnam8.95 Million
India8.75 Million
India8.73 Million
China8.44 Million
South Africa8.43 Million
China7.51 Million
Taiwan7.44 Million
China7.27 Million
China7.25 Million
China7.22 Million
India7.19 Million
Malaysia7.09 Million
China6.71 Million
Germany6.68 Million
Iraq6.62 Million
Canada6.46 Million
Chile6.23 Million
USA6.17 Million
Spain6.17 Million
China6.15 Million
China6.08 Million
China5.98 Million
USA5.93 Million
Angola5.90 Million
China5.82 Million
USA5.76 Million
USA5.76 Million
Indonesia5.69 Million
Saudi Arabia5.67 Million
India5.63 Million
Singapore5.62 Million
USA5.57 Million
India5.45 Million
Italy5.26 Million
China5.24 Million
Russia5.13 Million
Sudan5.12 Million
USA5.01 Million
China4.94 Million
USA4.89 Million
Indonesia4.88 Million
China4.81 Million
Ivory Coast4.80 Million
Myanmar4.80 Million
Kenya4.74 Million
Spain4.69 Million
Egypt4.69 Million
Afghanistan4.63 Million
Mexico4.60 Million
Turkey4.54 Million
Brazil4.52 Million
USA4.48 Million
China4.42 Million
Kuwait4.28 Million
Tanzania4.22 Million
USA 4.19 Million
China4.18 Million
Ghana4.14 Million
Mexico 4.08 Million
Germany4.07 Million
Australia4.04 Million
China3.96 Million
Indonesia3.94 Million
UAE3.93 Million
Australia3.91 Million
Italy3.91 Million
South Korea3.91 Million
South Africa3.81 Million
China3.79 Million
China3.75 Million
Vietnam3.71 Million
Italy3.71 Million
China3.70 Million
Saudi Arabia3.68 Million
USA3.67 Million
China3.66 Million
China3.66 Million
China3.65 Million
China3.60 Million
Colombia3.57 Million
Pakistan3.56 Million
Syria3.56 Million
Nigeria3.55 Million
Canada3.54 Million
Senegal3.52 Million
Greece3.48 Million
China3.43 Million
South Africa3.42 Million
Brazil3.41 Million
India3.41 Million
Brazil3.40 Million
Ethiopia3.38 Million
China3.37 Million
China3.37 Million
Brazil3.35 Million
Iran3.29 Million
USA3.22 Million
Morocco3.21 Million
Brazil3.19 Million
China3.18 Million
India3.18 Million
Bangladesh3.17 Million
China3.17 Million
Nigeria3.16 Million
Turkey3.11 Million
Brazil3.10 Million
USA3.09 Million
Cameroon3.06 Million
China3.05 Million
India3.04 Million
China3.03 Million
Yemen2.98 Million
Israel2.98 Million

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