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Forced Order
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Wordy TitleActual Title
Whatever Shade of the Spectrum You Desire
Our Collective Group As Well As Their Collective Group
A Skinny Layer of Frozen Water
White and Sometimes Black Fleece-Bearers
Currency Used To Obtain Things
Being Scared of Nothing
I Bid You Adieu, You Very Mean Planet
Continue To Verbally Communicate
The Bearded Lawn Ornament
Ballad of a Long Egyptian River
Wordy TitleActual Title
The Canines of a Battle Between Two Enemies
Do Not Move From Your Current Position
Transport Yourself Quickly Similar To the Underworld
Make Yourself Home At the Mechanical Device
A Wonderful 24 Hours For Not Being A Slave
Setting Fire To Roads Across Water
Obese Over-The-Hill Central Body of the Solar System
Areas That Are Not Filled
Wound To the Frontal Lobe
Take In Oxygen

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