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Can you name the horror film that was remade through these versus lineups?

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Edward Woodward VS Nicholas Cage1973/2006
Robert Englund VS Jackie Earle Haley1984/2010
Christian Nyby VS John Carpenter1951/1982
Anthony Perkins VS Vince Vaughn1960/1998
Duane Jones VS Tony Todd1968/1990
Gunnar Hansen VS Andrew Bryniarski1974/2003
Kevin McCarthy VS Donald Sutherland1956/1978
Sean Cunningham VS Marcus Nispel1980/2009
Max Schreck VS Klaus Kinski 1922/1979
Lon Chaney Sr. VS Claude Rains1925/1943
Jamie Lee Curtis VS Scout Taylor-Compton1978/2007
Chris Sarandon VS Colin Farrell1985/2011
Carol Kane VS Camilla Belle1979/2006
Boris Karloff VS Robert De Niro1931/1994
George Romero VS Zack Snyder1978/2004

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