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Made in the same year as Star Wars, James Earl Jones was also busy with this doomed sequel.
Mixed sequel that had Devil's Rejects star Bill Moseley as Chop Top
This sequel was the inspiration for the documentary, Best Worst Movie.
Gaylord Focker, Ross, and star in this family favorite.
Metallica uses music from this film to open their concerts.
Ridiculed for putting aliens in this archaeologist's last crusade.
'Hercules' need Buddy Love out of him.
A Michael Bay sequel? And no Megan Fox?
Jack Nicholson already played this role, so let's give the role to Heath Ledger. He's so serious.
When there's no more room in hell, the dead will walk the Earth.
Pink slime? Spirit of an evil Carpathian? Who you gonna call?
Before he was Count Dooku, Christopher Lee was a scientist in this daring sequel.
Famous fighter enters the ring against Mr. T.
Arnold came back in this explosive sequel that dominated the first.
Michael Myers' Day Off

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