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Can you name the World Of Warcraft Raid Bosses??

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RaidBoss Background/Hints
Last Boss of UlduarAlso Known as 'God Of Death'
Second Boss of Black TempleSpawns many Volcanoes and Paths of 'Blue Fire'
Last Boss of NaxxWas Reformed From The Level 60 Raid (Is a Lich)
Sixth Boss of Black TempleSeems to put people Inactive During the Fight
Spiderwing - First Boss --- In NaxxImpales People + Insect Swarm
Last Boss of Black TempleTwin Blades of Azeroth
First Boss of Black TempleA Very Big Naga
Second to Last Boss of Black TempleConsisted of many different type of types of Bosses
First Boss of Mount HyjalWas a Undead Hero in the game 'Warcraft 3'
Fifth Boss of Black TempleHas many types of 'faces'
Second Boss of Mount HyjalWas a Undead Hero in the game 'Warcraft 3'
Seventh Boss of Black TempleA Type of 'Motherly' Boss
Third Boss of Mount HyjalKnown For His Quick Work Against Mana Intense raids
Fourth Boss of Black TempleA Very 'Bloodly' Fight
Fourth Boss of Mount HyjalHas a HUGE Sword
Third Boss of Black TempleThe Bad Side of Akama
Last Boss of Mount HyjalWas Defeated Once Before by the Night Elves
First Boss of Sunwell PlateauDuring The Fight, You enter a portal and defeat his Inner Demon
Fourth Boss of Sunwell PlateauConsidered One of the Legendary Naaru
Last Boss of Sunwell PlateauA leader of the Burning Legion
Second Boss of Sunwell PlateauIs a Pit lord
Spiderwing - Second Boss --- In NaxShe Tends to Enrage quite a Bit!
Construct wing - First Boss --- In NaxHe truly is a Werk of Art
Third Boss of Sunwell PlateauIs very Simliar to Sapphiron but is Posion
Spiderwing - Last Boss --- In NaxxA Giant Spider Looking Boss
RaidBoss Background/Hints
Construct wing - Second Boss --- In NaxxIt Looks like he has bad GAS
Fourth Boss of SunwellThey Both Seem to look Alike
Construct wing - Third Boss --- In NaxxZombie Chows
Construct wing - Last Boss --- In NaxxPositive and Negative Charges
Plague wing - First Boss --- In NaxxDruids and/or Mages Are Needed to Decurse
First Boss of UlduarFirst Boss to Fully Use Vehicles
Military Quarter - First Boss --- In NaxxUse his Pawns to Beat him
Sixth Boss of Ulduar (Can be skipped)Made Up Of Three Dwarf Life Bosses
Plague wing - Second Boss --- In NaxxIs Known as 'The Dance'
Eleventh Boss of UlduarShe can be a Hippie at Times
Plague wing - Last Boss --- In NaxxSpawns Spores
Military Quarter- Second Boss --- In NaxxTwo Sided Boss Fight
Second to Last Boss of NaxxA Frostwyrm
Military Quarter - Last Boss ---- In NaxxA Four Boss Room (One Fight 4 ?? Mobs)
Third Boss of Ulduar (IF! you turn right)Brood-mother
Fifth Boss of Ulduar (IF! you didn't skip the 3rd or 4th)A Child-like Robot
Eighth Boss of UlduarThe Crazy Cat Lady
Twelfth Boss of UlduarIs Very Involved With Technology
Ninth Boss of UlduarHe Is Known as a 'Frost Giant'
Seventh Boss of UlduarHas a Left and Right Arm, But....No legs?
Fourth Boss of Ulduar (IF! you go right first)This Fight Involves a Move Called 'Slag Pot'
Second to Last Boss of UlduarThey say the trash pulls are harder than this Boss
Tenth Boss of UlduarKnown as God of Lighting
Reformed Boss (From level 60)Onyxia Wipe Animation

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