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Homer ends up in a mental hospital with a man who thinks he is Michael Jackson
Homer skips church, decides he is never going back
An outbreak of burglaries motivates Homer to become a vigilante
Sideshow Bob is released from prison and runs for Mayor of Springfield.
After a series of misunderstandings, Homer is labeled a pervert. He soon finds himself ostracized by everyone in town, and must try to clear his name.
Mr. Burns hosts a film festival in Springfield to improve his image.
Marge fills in for Mrs. Krabappel during a teachers' strike.
Milhouse is cast as Radioactive Man's sidekick in a Hollywood production of the comic book.
Determined to avoid a work exercise program, Homer intentionally gains weight in order to qualify for disability and work from home.
Homer starts a bowling team with Moe, Apu and Otto
Homer takes a new job in a new town. However, his friendly new boss might be a super villain bent on world domination.
Homer and Mr. Burns get trapped in a snowed-in cabin during a company retreat.

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