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To get it, you must get back your Ocarina of Time from Skull Kid and speak with the Mask Salesman.
Play the song of healing for Darmani
Play the song of healing for Mikau
To get it, you have to give all 20 normal masks to the kids on the Moon.
This mask allows you to get Rupees out of the Mailboxes around Clock Town
Lets you listen to Anju's grandma's stories
Wear this to be ignored by guards that would normally throw you out, such as those in the Deku Palace and the Pirates' Fortress.
You have to use this in order to put the Great Fairies back together.
Get it from Kafei
Wear this and press B to parade small animals around
Makes you run extra fast
Feed the goron wearing it a rock sirloin
Beat the Deku Butler in a race
Wear this to get into and buy milk at the Latte Milk Bar in Clock Town.
To get it, go to the Latte Milk Bar during the First or Second Night and play each part of the song for Toto the band leader of the Indigo-Go's in all four forms.
To get it, go to the Mayor's Residence on the First or Second Day and enter the room on the right. Talk to Madame Aroma and accept her request to find her missing son
Get it for the Kafei and Anju quest at the end
To get it, you have to kill all the Skulltulas in the Skulltula House in Southern Swamp
Play the song of healing for the dancer just outside of clock town
Play the song of healing for Pamela's dad
To get it, you have to beat the Gorman Brothers in a race after you get Epona back.
Wear this to speak with and command the warriors of Ikana, the Stalchildren
Get it in the Stone Tower Temple

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