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Can you name the movies that were filmed on notable college campuses?

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Arizona State University 1996-Tom Cruise
Boston University2008-Kevin Spacey
Cal Tech1984-Eddie Murphy
Cal Tech1997-Morgan Freeman
Cal Tech2001-Reese Witherspoon
Cal Tech2002-Jack Black
Columbia1976-Dustin Hoffman
Columbia1992-Denzel Washington
Columbia1996-Barbara Streisand
Columbia2003-Julia Roberts
Columbia2003-Adam Sandler
Columbia2005-Will Smith
Columbia2008-Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Harvard1970-Ryan O'Neal
Harvard1993-Tom Cruise
Harvard2007-Denzel Washington
MIT1997-Matt Damon
Notre Dame1993-Sean Astin
NYU1993-Marlon Brando
NYU2004-Dennis Quaid
Oregon1978-John Belushi
Penn1993-Tom Hanks
Princeton1994-Tim Robbins
Princeton2001-Russell Crowe
Princeton2007-Evan Rachel Wood
UC Berkeley1998-Robin Williams
UCLA1995-Omar Epps
UCLA1996-Eddie Murphy
UCLA2000-Julia Roberts
UCLA2001-Reese Witherspoon
UCLA2002-Jack Black
UCLA2003-Luke Wilson
UCLA2006-Adam Sandler
UCLA2007-Bruce Willis
USC2007-Jim Carrey
USC2003-Reese Witherspoon
USC2003-Luke Wilson
USC2001-Reese Witherspoon
USC1997-Morgan Freeman
USC1994-Tom Hanks
USC1967-Dustin Hoffman

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