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Before he picked up the lexus on the waiver wire, our favorite duke hockey player drove this brand of car
(before and after): this guy likes to pack these/also the benchmark that many mutual funds base their relative performance by
Jim Henson didn't only create the muppets, i wonder if he heard the remix to his 2nd favorite show
Which FOO (Friend of Onslow) is going to be a licensed firearm carrier next semester
What are the top 2 places that deliver food to the Low?
What Duke food vendor does Blumes' singlehandedly keep in business?
Which Dukie played on the same basketball team as LeBron
Who, other than Blumes, has used his bed to do the dirty?
Which residents of the LOW have played basketball at Cameron?
Who still owes Big Sean for a 40 and a pack of skittles
(Before and after), these ring when class is to begin, also the condition this kappa had that nelson used to make fun of her for
The go-to meal of the Mad Hatter when he is at Mad Hatters
Who is the only father that Blumes has smoked with?
Blue House is like anti-freeze because they:
Blue House is like a perseverant person because they:
Name the girl blumie might of had a urinary problem with
what percentage chance does the da bloc/low date function goes down next semester
What piphi biddie is working at Abercrombie & Fitch next year? Ask Freed or Sean
If you order Papa Johns, make sure that you don't order these:
Who tried fighting Lieutenant Blumes at last year's senior roast?

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