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QUIZ: Can you name the Onslow Alias Dos?

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Don't ever give this 'dull' SNU a can of beans
This Gentile 'advises' his family to celebrate passover on the reg
Currently staked out at Camp Partners D21, this SNU can now call himself exiled twice
A one-time SB attendee, she has now finally found true love in a certain boisterous irish president's little brother. Thank god
This midwesterner SNU still lists his height and weight on his Facebook profile page
His dad's friend loves more cowbell
As close to Long Island trash as duke has produced, this femme-fatale was once a sean tolkin go-to
Once given head instead of a cash tip
This recent Onslow pickup is actually a transfer from school, also the name of a popular type of cheese
The hottest asian in Tridelt, was her birthday this past weekend
Freshman Quarterback of Cleveland Browns
This junior marathoner interned at Deutsche Bank
This SNU apparently 'runs LA'
This very 'social' SNU always addresses his emails to 'fam'
This girl went to Paris over Thanksgiving break to visit her ex, or is he?
One of the residents of section who is an AEPI
This guy once bought a cat for his posh Belmont pad
This banker vowed to never talk to any of us again after graduation and I haven't heard from him since
This piphi chica worked for the national bank of ecuador her sophomore year
This piphi chica always texts asking what you are doing that night but when she sees you out doesn't really give you the time of day. BUMMMER!

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