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This Onslow resident never flushes the toilet
Founding member of OLTAC
Has 'Madden' as one of his interests on his resume
Name the fruity snack that has been sitting in the pantry since August
Who orders Dragongate with the extra crunchies to the 'presidential suite'
This infomercial marketing shark sold what famous coin?
This senior DJ apparently has lost at least 15 more duke cards than perez
this '09 grad was the snu redbull chair
This squirrelly feller ended up dropping during pledging
She is very rich. Her last name is a color (full name only)
This dooshy friend of the low once spilled Ray's hookah all over his rug.
'Boy', does this famous girl have some 'dough'. Is still dating a certain someone who transferred outta here
What city and state was Blumes born in?
When grape juice meets baseball you get him
Who tagged their name on our wall
This Kappa also shares the same surname as a famous rotisserie chain
This snu graduate went into bartending in lieu of a job
This bombshell is still the boyfriend of a snu grad who was a halo aficionado

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