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Can you name the rat pack x v2?

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goodbutch lesbian, park ranger, messed up hair, most likely holding transformers or xbox controller
goodzits, glasses, pants below butt, looks white but puerto rican, most likely will be trying to flirt with kimberly but failing...miserably
goodsecurity guard (its the answer)
nobody caresnobody knows or cares true race, this is not blade....or maybe it is....
?eyepatch, kinda tall, most likely stroking white cat in front of fire in ozzies restaurant is leesport, pa
?weird ear, health teacher, won't swear but pretends like he will
Badhalf baked, pubic hair on chin, probably getting jumped
Bad#7's altar ego, spelled with w instead of real first letter
BadMarcus's girl
Bad small, flirty, tricked julian into thinking she had feelings just to win this fight
not involvedBoyfriend of #11, doesn't know about #2 and doesn't care because #2 has no shot at #11
BadGym teacher

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Created Jun 8, 2010ReportNominate
Tags:description, pack, rat, side

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