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Can you name the rooms of a house based on the hints provided?

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You might keep your flowers here
Belly up
Minuet, anyone?
I ain't going down there
Take a powder
No daggers?
Walk in, come out
Monitor it closely
Poop, quarter
A point of pride
Five stars again, Mom!
Especially in ranch houses
First impressions matter!
Where everyone can be alone together
Play time
Free parking
How long are your parents staying?
I hope it works out
A place for the kids. Or Bridget.
You bring the popcorn
Please don't mistake it for a bathroom
When the doghouse is too chilly
If you can stand the heat
Does anyone still use pig fat to cook?
Always full, no matter what
It was Miss Scarlet, with the Revolver...
As if anyone has a life
Where you keep the lizards
One room to rule them all
You bought them what for Christmas?
Rhymes with anniversary
Lots of these in Scranton
Paul Simon hides his cupcakes here
Every pad needs one, outdoors
The Lego ambush
In the corner?
Wild! Let it begin!
Is it hot in here, or is it just me?
Darn it.
Some hoarders need another whole unit
I keep painting but it's never done
Cigars, bourbon...maybe a book or two
Bring your SPF 30
Watch out!
Clean up your act
Ah, 2013, an excellent year
Corkboard and vices

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