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Can you name the Marvel and DC comic characters with 'Doctor' in their name?

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The Sorceror Supreme 
The Monarch of Latveria 
Eight-legged nemesis of Spider-Man 
Co-creator of original Torch, Nazi hunter 
Bald mystical Avenger 
AKA Ant-Man, Goliath, Giant-Man, Yellowjacket... 
The 'Master of Men's Minds' 
Twisted genius and enemy of Godzilla 
Strange enemy of Howard the Duck 
Golden robot with a brain in a jar 
Part of Project Purgatory, seeks the Bloodstones 
Member of the Squadron Sinister 
Benevolent ruler of Mbangawi 
The Time Lord himself 
Self-proclaimed savior, claims to be billions of years old 
Official doctor for the Legion of Super-Heroes 
Dr. Pieter Cross, blind MD 
Bearer of the Helm of Nabu 
Albert Desmond, formerly Mr. Element 
AKA The Ghost-Breaker 
Villainous inventor of the Materioptikon 
A transparent angry wall of fire 
Leader of the Global Guardians 
Ancestor and antagonist of Batman 
Androgynous expert in toxins 
Brilliant high-tech foe of Wonder Woman 
Disfigured mad scientist, old enemy of Batman 
Villain with prism projector and hallucination generator 
Symbiote of Simon Ecks 
The warlock beneath Batman's city 
Jonas Lock, challenged JLA and lost 

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