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If you're a jazz musician, you should be able to answer these questions. Music theory, musicianship, and other areas are covered.

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Name this scale: 1 2 3 #4 5 6 b7
Bebop innovator who was nicknamed 'Byrd'
A scale made up of alternating half steps and whole steps (starting with a half step)
This term is called out on a gig at the end of a tune to let everybody know the final few bars will be repeated, usually 3 times
The seventh mode of the major scale
Dm7 - G7 - Cmaj7 turned into Dm7 - Db7 - Cmaj7 is an example of a...
The opening track on 'Kind of Blue' that paved the way for modal tunes
Dominant chord with any combination of #/b 5 and #/b 9
Another name for a tune's melody, played twice at the start and the ending
A common song form using I7, IV7 and V7
A new melody composed over familiar harmonic changes - examples are Countdown > Tune Up, and Ornithology > How High the Moon
Beat numbers where the 'pocket' is felt in swing
The third mode of the jazz/melodic minor scale
Rhythms occurring in unexpected spots are said to be...
The fifth mode of the major scale
Most of the time, classical music uses straight eighth notes while jazz uses ______ eighth notes
Coltrane composition often referred to as the most difficult jazz tune to improvise over, utilizing different cycles of keys that are a major 3rd apart
Name this scale: 1 2 3 4 5 6 b7 7
Another common name for a minor7b5 chord
The second mode of the major scale
A minor scale with a raised 6th and 7th degree
Common practice between musicians that involves improvising for 4 bars before letting another player improvise for 4 bars
A book containing handwritten charts of hundreds of frequently played jazz tunes, previously unpublished and technically illegal to own
A minor scale with a raised 7th degree
This scale is comprised of consecutive half-steps
Chord quality often represented by V7
Term for a chord progression at the end of a tune that sets up the top of the next chorus
'Dorian b2' is the ______ mode of the jazz/melodic minor scale
A scale made up of alternating whole steps and half steps (starting with a whole step)
This scale is comprised of 6 whole steps
A chord with an omitted 3rd, usually replaced by a 4th or 9th
The number of bars in a typical blues progression
Imaj7 - vi7 - ii7 - V7 is a common chord progression known as...
Popular jazz guitarist known to play with his thumb and for using octaves in his improvisation
A scale made up of alternating minor 3rds and half steps
Perhaps the most famous jazz musician, leader on 'Kind of Blue'

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