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Can you answer these questions on Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone?*(see description)

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Fill in the blanks from these quotes.
'You haven't got a ______on yours,' 
'Blown up a ______? We've never blown up a ______.' 
'Nitwit! Blubber! ______! Tweak!' 
'We could all have been killed - or worse, ______.' 
'Alas! ______!' 
Finish the chapter titles.
'The Vanishing ______' 
'Through the ______' 
'The Mirror of ______' 
'The ______ Hat' 
'Norbert the ______ Ridgeback' 
Trivia - Harry Potter.
Who finally gave Harry his Hogwarts letter? 
Who did Harry meet in Madam Malkin's Robe Shop? 
What house did Harry first fear being sorted into? 
Who suggested Harry for the Gryffindor Quidditch team? 
What broom does Harry use to play Quidditch? 
Trivia - Ron Weasley
Where did Ron first meet Harry? 
Which member of Ron's family is a prefect when him and Harry are in first year? 
What collectible item does Ron first introduce to Harry? 
What type of sandwich is Ron given from Mrs Weasley? 
How many Chocolate Frog Cards does Ron Have 
Trivia - Hermione Granger
Where does Hermione first meet Ron and Harry? 
Who is she with when they meet? 
What does Hermione claim to have done before going to Hogwarts? 
What did Hermione get in her first year Charms Exam? 
Who is the only teacher that dislikes Hermione? 

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