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Can you name the character who...CharacterBook
... wanted to be an aeroplane pilot while her sisters wanted to be an actor and a ballet dancer?
... has a pet dodo called Pickwick, and the ability to jump into fiction?
... was punished by being locked in The Red Room?
... did her laundry at the top of the Faraway Tree?
... solves mysteries with her husband and 'Partner in Crime' Tommy?
... started writing her journal whilst sitting in the kitchen sink?
... lives in a hovel by a dump with her Familiar, a hamster called Hugo?
... was sent by Lord Copper to Ishmaelia as war correspondent for 'The Beast'?
... stays with her cousins, the Starkadders, who are ruled over by an old woman who saw 'something nasty in the woodshed'?
... was adopted by the man to whom he was evacuated, who he called 'Mr Tom'?
... was given the Moonstone for her 18th birthday?
... was the wife of Aragog the giant spider?

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