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Can you guess correctly all of the main and recurring characters from Doctor Who and spin-offs???

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Actor/ActressCharacterMain Tenure(s)
Alexander Armstrong2007-2011
Richard E. Grant2003
David Tennant2005-2010
Nicholas Courtney1968-1975, 1983
Dan Starkey2011-2014
Adrienne Hill1965
Eric Roberts1996
Tommy Knight2007-2011
[Various Models]1963-2014
Peter Butterworth1965-1966
Andrew Hayden-Smith2006
Wendy Padbury1968-1975
Jackie Lane1966
Frazer Hines1966-1969
Elisabeth Sladen1973-1976, 2006-2011
Mark Strickson1983-1984
William Russell1963-1965
Paul Marc Davies2007-2009
Samuel Anderson2014
Valentine Dyall1978, 1983
Joseph Millson2007-2008
Lynda Bellingham1986
Kate O'Mara1985-1987
William Hartnell1963-1966
Janet Fielding1981-1984
Sophie Aldred1987-1989
Bernard Cribbins2007-2008
Anneke Wills1966-1967
Matthew Waterhouse1980-1982
James Corden2010-2011
Daniel Anthony2007-2011
Mina Anwar2008-2011
[Various Designs]1968-1982, 1996-2014
Nabil Shaban1985-1986
Patrick Troughton1966-1969
Freema Agyeman2007-2008
Michael Jayston1986
Paul McGann1996
Jenna-Louise Coleman2012-2014
Trevor Laird2007
Colin Baker1984-1986
Indira Varma2006
Actor/ActressCharacterMain Tenure(s)
Yasmin Paige2007-2008
Michael Craze1966-1967
Jon Pertwee1970-1974
Noel Clarke2005-2006
Anthony Ainley1981-1989
Sarah Sutton1981-1983
Sylvester McCoy1987-1989
Katy Manning1971-1973
David Gooderson1979 only
Penelope Winton2005
John Simm2007-2010
Gugu Mbatha-Raw2007
Jacqueline King2006, 2008
Ace Bhatti2008-2011
Juliet Cowan2007-2008
Samantha Bond2007-2008
Sinead Micheals2011
Matt Smith2010-2013
Mekhi Phifer2011
Jack Watling1967-1968
Jean Marsh1965-1966
Bruno Langley2005
Mark Williams2012
Gerald Flood1983-1984
Catherine Tate2006, 2008
Julian Bleach2008
Arthur Darvill2010-2012
Bonnie Langford1986-1987
Derek Jacobi2003, 2007
Floella Benjamin2007-2011
John Leeson1977-1981, 2006-2011
Sophie Okonedo2003
Michael Wisher1975 only
Nicola Bryant1984-1986
Caroline John1970, 1994-1996
Karen Gillan2010-2012
Peter Purves1965-1966
John Levene1968-1975
Christopher Eccleston2005
Billie Piper2005-2006
Alexa Havins2011
Richard Hurndall1983 only
Actor/ActressCharacterMain Tenure(s)
Richard Franklin1971-1974
Camille Coduri2005-2006
Ian Marter1974-1975
James Marsters2008
Kai Owen2006-2011
Adjoah Andoh2007
Mary Tamm1978-1979
Terry Molloy1984-1988
Eve Myles2006-2011
Peter Capaldi2014
Carole Ann-Ford1963-1964
Maurice Colbourne1984-1985
Burn Gorman2006-2008
Tony Selby1986-1987
Reggie Yates2007
Lalla Ward1979-1981
David Brierly1979-1980
Maureen O'Brien1965
Peter Cushing1965-1966
Gareth David-Lloyd2006-2009
Anjli Mohindra2008-2011
David Tennant2008
Daphne Ashbrook1996
Jacqueline Hill1963-1965
John Hurt2013
Neve McIntosh2011-2014
Peter Pratt1976
Louise Jameson1977-1978
Gordon Tipple1996
Deborah Watling1967-1968
Roger Delgado1971-1973
Tom Baker1974-1981
Jocelyn Jee Esien2008-2011
Alex Kingston2008-2013
Naoko Mori2006-2008
Peter Davison1982-1984
Shaun Dingwall2005-2006
Catrin Stewart2011-2014
Yee Jee Tso1996
Geoffrey Beevers1981
John Barrowman2005-2011

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