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What house in Malcom Baddock in?
What form does Ron's patronus take?
What is Harry's first chocolate frog card?
According to the Sorting Hat, where was Rowena Ravenclaw from?
Which row was Harry and Voldemort's prophecy on in the Department of Mysteries?
In book 1, what does Hagrid by Harry for his eleventh birthday?
In the seconed book, what does Fawkes the phoenix bring Harry?
What does Cho Chang's patronus take the shape of?
Who gives Ron his owl, Pigwidgeon?
Which is Tonk's favorite shade fo her hair?
When talking amongst themselves, what do Harry, Ron, and Hermionie refer to Sirius as?
What is the name of the magazine does Xenophilius Lovegood edits?
What animal is Rita Skeeter an animagus of?
What is Dumbledore's brother's name?

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