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Can you name the pets and animals from Star Trek?

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HintPet or Animal's Name
Christopher Pike's horse
Carnivorous weeper plant kept by Yeoman Rand
Spock's pet sehlat
Gary Seven's black cat companion
The lionfish in Picard's ready room
Data's pet cat
Miles O'Brien's pet tarantula
Lt. Aquiel Uhnari's pet dog
Jeremy Aster's pet cat
Adopted pet cat of the O'Brien family
Dr. Zimmerman's pet iguana
HintPet or Animal's Name
Captain Janeway's Irish setter
Banean dog who was instrumental in proving Tom Paris' innocence
Reginald Barclay's cat
Dr. Zimmerman's holographic fly
Captain Archer's pet beagle
Tucker's childhood dog
Dr. Antaak's pet targ
Pet dog on Risa who turned out to be a disguised Tandaran
The two humpback whales transported into the future from the 20th century
Captain Kirk's Great Dane
Sato's Slug

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