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Can you name the child and adolescent characters from Star Trek?

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This teen had dangerous psychic powers.
Commander of an unusual vessel; not actually a child but played by one.
Kirk's nephew
Eleen's child, named after McCoy and Kirk
It took her hundreds of years to reach puberty.
Played by an adult actor, he was in reality a very naughty little boy, and perhaps a relation of Q.
The second oldest child on the planet where adults are called Grups.
Any one of the child followers of the entity Gorgon.
He played a mean trick on his younger brother Willie, who as a result ingested parasites on Ogus II and became ill.
Picard's nephew; he later died in a fire.
After Data rescued him as the sole survivor of his ship, he pretended to be an android as part of the grieving process.
He was an acting Ensign and sometimes told to shut up.
She had an imaginary friend who wasn't imaginary anymore.
She was the imaginary friend.
Worf's son with K'Ehleyr.
After his mother's untimely death, he became close to Worf.
She was Data's pen pal.
She was born during a ship wide disaster.
Wesley had his first crush and first kiss with her.
Any one of the three children trapped in the turbolift with Picard.
Troi's unexpected and fast-growing child, named after her father.
Data's daughter.
Teen who discovers she is a Q.
Illegitimate son of Duras, nephew of Lursa and B'Etor.
Riker's son in a false alternate reality.
The ferengi Bok tells Picard this young man is his biological son.
Kila Marr's son, who was killed by the Crystalline Entity.
She was Deanna's older sister who drowned as a child.
Telepathic girl played by a young Kirsten Dunst.
Barkonian girl who befriends Data while he suffers from amnesia.
He was human, the grandson of an admiral, but adopted by a Talarian officer.
Quark's nephew and son of Rom.
Captain's son and aspiring writer.
Kira Nerys was his surrogate mother.
Yaderan girl, granddaughter of Rurigan. The actress who played her also played a different character on TNG.
She was half human and half Ktarian.
The original leader of the Borg children. He died when he refused to evacuate his cube.
Brunali teen and former Borg drone.
Q's son.
Norcadian girl and former Borg drone.
Twins who were formerly Borg drones.
Telaxian boy, possible stepson of Neelix.
Tom and B'Elanna's daughter.
Either one of the Doctor's holographic children.
Tuvok's daughter and youngest child.
Tuvok's eldest son, who gave him a granddaughter.
Tom's daughter with Kes in an alternate timeline.
Harry's son from the same alternate timeline.
Any one of the three peculiar, frightened children Tuvok finds alone on the Drayan moon.
Shran's daughter

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